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Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer

Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer

  • Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer
Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Chuangyin
Model Number: JLSZVW-36(OMV-36)
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Packaging Details: Wooden frame and stretch film
Delivery Time: 25-35 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C
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Detailed Product Description
Rated Output(VA): 5,10,12.5,15,20 Rated Frequency (fR): 50, 60 Or 50/60
Applicable Standard: IEC: 61869-1&2 Highest Voltage For Equipment Um (r.m.s.): 36KV
Rated Primary Current: 5A Up To 1000A Rated Secondary Current: 5A Or 1A
High Light:

1000A Medium Voltage Metering Transformer


36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer


CEP Pole Mounted Metering Transformer

1. Product introduction:
1.1 Product type name and model: Install the metering box OMV-36, JLSZVW-36 type combined transformer on the 36kV medium voltage overhead column

1.2 Product overview:
This type of metering box is an outdoor dry three-phase primary metering unit. The medium voltage metering combination transformer is an epoxy resin cast integrated solid package. It consists of two current transformers and two voltage transformers to form three-phase VV wiring, medium voltage The metering combination transformer is vacuum cast with cycloaliphatic epoxy resin (CEP). It has excellent insulation properties and hydrophobicity. The surface is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, contamination, and UV. It is suitable for outdoor overhead line installation and connection to public power systems. The metering box can be equipped with a metering meter box. All the secondary leads of the transformer can be connected and collected in the meter box. It is also equipped with a test terminal block and a meter installation space. The meter can be configured according to the requirements or the user can configure the meter. Just plug in, suitable for electric energy metering, current and voltage measurement in urban and rural power distribution network lines with a maximum voltage of 36kV and below.


1.3 Basic parameters:

No. Item Units Specification
Highest voltage for
equipment Um (r.m.s.)
kV 36
rated frequency (fR) Hz 50, 60 or 50/60
Rated lightning impulse
withstand voltage (peak)
kV 170 kV,200 kV
Rated power-frequency
withstand voltage on primary
kV 70
Rated power-frequency
withstand voltage on secondary
kV 3
Number of CTs and VTs pcs 2VT+2CT
Standard /

IEC 61869-1:2007, IEC 61869-2:2012

IEC 61869-3:2011,IEC 61869-4:2013

1. Product function and purpose:
The Overhead pole mounted primary metering unit complies with the latest applicable industry standards and local and/or national electrical regulations. It is used for three-phase overhead power grid energy measurement management and distribution network automation management system. The primary side measurement is more accurate, and the power loss of the line can be effectively measured to reduce losses.

2. Main features of the product:
1.1 The integrated solid package of the medium voltage combined transformer of the metering unit has a compact and beautiful design, eliminating the need for multiple single transformer combined installation and ring connection, and can be installed directly on the pole outdoors, which is convenient and quick;
2.1 The metering unit can be equipped with a meter box as required and connected to the transformer connection. The meter is installed in the box, and the meter box door switch sensor alarm signal is reserved. The door lock seal structure is designed to prevent electricity theft;
3.1 The meter box body is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or low-carbon steel of the same performance, and the sealing design is weather-proof, and the surface is coated with an anti-corrosion paint powder layer, which is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and UV;
4.1 The medium voltage combination transformer is insulated with epoxy resin solid encapsulation, and the surface is dirt-resistant, UV resistant, and has excellent dielectric and mechanical properties. Compared with the dispersed single-phase combination transformer, its size is more compact, oil-free, gas-free Maintenance to meet the requirements of safe operation and environmental protection;
5.1 The CT of the medium voltage combined transformer can be configured with double transformation ratios, and it is convenient to set the changeover switch. The VT is equipped with anti-short circuit and overload protection design to avoid burning and explosion caused by VT short circuit and overload.
6.1 The primary connection adopts the contact bar and the terminal clamp connection. The terminal block of the corresponding area can be configured according to the user's requirements, the lightning arrester mounting bracket is reserved, and the lightning arrester can be configured at the primary end as required.

3. Product technical parameters:
Current transformer specifications

No Item Specification
Rated primary current 5A up to 1000A
Rated secondary current 5A or 1A
Rated Continuous Thermal Current 120%,125%,150%,etc.
Rated Short time current (Ith) (thermal 1 second) 80xIpr,100xIpr
Rated Dynamic Current (Idyn) 2.5xIth
Rated Output(VA) 5,10,12.5,15,20
Accuracy Class 0.2S,0.2,0.5S,0.5,1 Metering
Instrument Security Factor (FS) 5,10
Applicable Standard IEC: 61869-1&2

Voltage transformer specifications


No Item Specification
Rated primary voltage(V) 33000,35000
Rated secondary voltage(V) 100,110,115,120
Rated Voltage Factor 1.2/Continuous
Standard connection V-V connection
Rated Output(VA) 15,20,25,30,50,75
Accuracy Class 0.2,0.5,1,3 Metering
Thermal burden(VA) 500
Applicable Standard IEC: 61869-1&3

If the parameters required by the user exceed the range of the above table, it can be determined after consultation with our company.


4. Product dimensions and wiring schematic diagram:

Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer 0

Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer 1



Vacuum Cast CEP 1000A 36KV Medium Voltage Metering Transformer 2


Wiring schematic diagram

5,special instructions
The company can design and manufacture specially according to the special requirements of customers.

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